KeyLock Company offers appraisal services to meet the needs of a variety of client types. We routinely appraise ag industrial properties including fruit processing, storage, cold storage, CA (controlled atmosphere) storage, warehousing and packing along with more traditional agricultural property types such as irrigated row crop farms, dry farm, rangeland and orchards and vineyards. We appraise rural residential properties which tend to include modest to high value single family homes on acreages that are too large to be classed as residential but too small to be considered a typical farm. Our appraisal reports are narrative, not forms, and we make use of GIS software to clearly illustrate the physical aspects of the property we appraise.

In addition to typical appraisal reporting we also offer appraisal review and consulting, both in support of litigation and to aid clients in their due diligence processes. We have developed appraisal standards for agricultural appraisal work that are in place with several regional lenders and offer various types of review to support lending.

KeyLock Company can create web-based portals through which appraisal information can be exchanged between the appraiser and the client. Some clients prefer this mode of transfer of information over more traditional email as it increases security and ensures that data will not end up in the possession of anyone that is not approved by the Client.

Our service area includes all of Washington and Oregon although most of our work is in eastern WA and the Willamette Valley area of Oregon. Specialized projects tend to take us farther afield and we routinely work outside of our most common service area. We have completed appraisals and appraisal review assignments for properties in WA, OR, ID, CO, UT, AZ and TX.