KeyLock Company focuses on appraisal and appraisal review, consulting in support of litigation and lending and property management.  Our reports are narrative, not canned forms, and we make use of in-house GIS software to aid our research and develop understandable and useful exhibits.

Appraisal and Appraisal Review – We routinely appraise irrigated and dry farms, processing facilities, cold and warehouse type storage facilities for agricultural commodities and processing as well as rural residential property.  Projects vary in complexity but nearly all are associated with agriculture in some way, if only in the property’s rural setting.  Our appraisal review work is generally used in support of litigation or for property and estate management purposes.  Reporting of our review conclusions is tailored to the user’s needs and we are comfortable with deposition and trial.

Consulting – We regularly work with property owners, lenders and attorneys to determine the best way to approach an appraisal project, review assignment or property or estate management decision.  Our experience with varied types of real estate, agricultural commodities and choices for property use mean that we can offer valuable insight that aids a client’s appraisal processes or needs.

Farm Property Management – Appraising over a wide area of the PNW means that we have the tools and contacts to effectively and efficiently manage farm property in the Columbia Basin, Yakima Valley and much of the rest of eastern WA.  Options exist for various management scenarios from owner-operator type situations, management of custom farm operations and the arrangement of tenants and terms for your property.