KeyLock Company is one of the only firms in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in the appraisal of agricultural property and property types, and one of the few of those to be headed by an MAI designated appraiser. KeyLock begin in 2015 and sought to fill a niche in the ag appraisal market in eastern Washington. Since then the business has grown substantially mainly through our ability to provide agricultural and non-typical ag/industrial appraisals and appraisals of large acreage, well improved residential properties. Our appraisal work and reporting tends to have greater detail than what is common in ag appraisal and what that level of detail, along with the clear and easy-to-read reporting, has shaped our growth.

It is our goal at KeyLock to not only provide the Client with estimates of value that they can depend on but well written and easily understood appraisal reports from which our Clients, and often our Client’s clients, can glean a great deal of timely and valuable information. Very often, especially in lending, litigation and estate management, the appraiser is the only person to view a subject property before a decision is made. We strive to make sure that our work provides utility well in excess of the conclusion of an estimate of value.

Our clients include lenders, attorneys, individual land owners and estates as well as large national insurance companies. KeyLock is approved to provide appraisal services for the State of Washington, the federal government and we are on the approved appraiser’s list for most local and regional lenders as well as many national ones.


KeyLock Company is wholly owned by Zachary Moore, MAI. Zac began his appraisal career while a graduate student at the University of Idaho in 2004 and continued on the path to licensure and finally achievement of the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. After leaving the university in 2005 with a MS in Environmental Science and AgEcon, he spent several years working with an MAI in SE Idaho. That company’s appraisal practice was mainly in support of Bureau of Indian Affairs managed trust property on various reservations in the West. While in SE Idaho, Zac was hired to work as the northwest regional appraiser for a large secondary market agricultural mortgage lender where he worked for over six year. Zac’s work there was a mix of appraisal reporting, appraisal review and consulting in support of lending. In 2015 Zac left that firm to begin KeyLock Company and settled in Prosser, WA with his wife and two children.

Zac has extensive experience as an independent fee appraiser, government contractor and staff appraiser. Zac has always incorporated GIS, regression modeling and narrative reporting into his appraisal work. He has experience in the lending side of the business and understands that many ag appraisal projects are not as clear cut as many commercial or residential projects.